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ChainLink/Confido collaboration mentioned on BTCManager.com


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Collaboration not competition

BTCManager.com has published the following article that mentions the ChainLink/Confido collaboration.   ChainLink is about connecting the blockchain world to off chain data that had previously beyond its scope.  As the project continues to grow, we can expect to see more announcements regarding platforms integrating the ChainLink oracle network.

Confido is not the first collaborative effort for the ChainLink project.  In July of 2016,  FACTOM announced they are working with SmartContract.    Request Network has also signaled recently that they are in close contact with the ChainLink team.

Request Network in regular contact with ChainLink team

Speculation:  Request Network Integration of ChainLink Oracles

After an earlier mention of the ChainLink project in their November 10th update, the following question was posed and subsequently answered by the Request Network team.  This seems to indicate that Request Network may be working to integrate the ChainLink oracle network into their platform.

Confido has also recently stated in their FAQ that they will be using ChainLink in their beta platform release.