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SmartContract CEO, Sergey Nazarov to Speak at SXSW


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SmartContract CEO, Sergey Nazarov will be presenting at SXSW on March 14th, 2018.   The panel focuses on how smart contracts and ChainLink oracles will revolutionize the way legal agreements between parties are reached.  He will be presenting alongside Tom Gonser who is the founder and former chief strategy officer of DocuSign.  Mr. Gonser is now a partner with Seven Peaks Ventures, a venture capital fund out in Oregon.

Why Smart Contracts? What’s the big deal?

The financial industry has been clamoring for a way to execute contracts automatically based on predefined criteria for a long while.  Capgemini predicts that in three years the use of smart contracts will enter mainstream use.  However, before this happens there has to be a platform available that can independently verify that these criteria have actually been met.  The ChainLink oracle network aims to provide these answers and make them available to blockchain hosted smart contracts.  On top of that, they plan to do it in a decentralized trustless manner.  Meaning that the network itself cannot be manipulated or influenced by those that created it and that these verifiable data points will not be able to be tampered with.

A smart contract that uses the ChainLink oracle system can use one data provider to control its execution or many.   By using more than one verification point the smart contract creator can be extremely certain of the veracity of the criteria before the contract is executed.  Smart Contracts and the underlying oracles like those provided by ChainLink will revolutionize not just the banking industry but many others such as insurance and real estate.

So…What does this mean for you?

By becoming a node operator on the Chainlink Oracle system you can get in on the upcoming smart contract boom by monetizing your data sets and APIs.  You will be compensated in LINK tokens each time your data is used.  If the data you provide is in demand this could happen thousands of times each day!

Don’t believe me?  Take a look at what Capgemini Consulting says about the future of smart contracts.





ChainLink CEO Sergey Nazarov to Speak at Devcon3 Event

Sergey will be speaking regarding the need for secure, decentralized oracles for smart contracts on the Ethereum platform.  The ability to allow data providers, payment processors and other API providers to be accessed via Ethereum based smart contracts would be a giant leap forward in practical functionality and present a real-world use case for blockchain technology.